Diablo 3!


Guess what’s inside this bag? :O

Tadaaaaa! It’s Diablo 3!! XDD

I finally got my hands on a copy of Diablo 3!! I think I really shouldn’t use the word “finally” cause it has only been like only a mere 2 days since the launch at Funan. Well whatever. /claws at it
I bought this from Challenger at Clementi Mall. It was the last copy there by the way. Lucky me! \o/


Alright, enough of the boring crap, let’s move on to the unboxing shall we? XD

Inside the box, we have the installing disc, a quick start guide, 4 guest passes, and a notepad?!? ._.

If you’re wondering why my camera lens cap is in the picture, it’s there to hide my CD-Key duh. Why would I show my CD-Key on the net? Silly mortals. 😛

The installation disc! ASDFGHJKL /CLAWS AT IT

The quick start guide!

4 Guest passes! 1 WoW (World of Warcraft) and 3 Diablo 3 passes! The WoW pass allows you to play WoW for free up to level 20, while the Diablo 3 passes allows you to play for free up to the Skeleton King Boss in Act 1!
Mmmmm, I shall put these passes aside first before deciding on what to do with them.


And the notepad! I guess this is for us to pen down stuff from the game…? #okcan ._.


Alright, that’s all folks. It’s soon time to play my new game! I’m installing the game now as I type this blogpost. XD

The gallery is just below if you wanna see the other snapshots I took.

Off topic, I will be playing Diablo 3 on my trusty old laptop with just a simple wireless keyboard and mouse. No fanciful hardwares here.

Oh and, goodbye my social life. ❤

UPDATE: GDI. They are having a server maintenance from 8pm to 10pm so I can’t play it now. DDD:

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