Sorry for the lack of updates! I was too busy playing Diablo 3. |D

Updates to my life! First up, I finally Graduated from the Polytechnic! XD  After 3 long years of studying in the Polytechnic, I finally graduated! Well all good things just come to an end. Hahaha XD The graduation day was really a memorable day for me! It was awesome to see all my friends in their graduation robes and graduating together was truly a sight to remember!

Pictures taken with my friends and family! XD


Recently, I also went out for dinner with my Japan trip pals! The dinner was a celebration slash farewell. Celebrating one of our friend’s birthday as well as a farewell dinner for my other friend as he is going for army that following week. We ate a Yayoiken @Bugis+! We decided to eat at Yayoiken as wel ate that for dinner on our first day in Japan! The food was actually not bad! It tasted similar to the one we ate in Japan! XD

The food.

The sad boy.

The birthday girl and her derpy face.



I think I will be posting a mini review and personal thoughts of Diablo 3 soon. Hopefully sometime this week.
Quick update on my status in Diablo 3, I have made a character on all 5 classes. My main is a Demon Hunter, currently at level 55, slowly and painfully surviving in Hell difficulty. I also have a level 39 Wizard, a level 26 Barbarian, a level 10 Monk, and last but not least a level 6 Witch Doctor.

Oh and kiting is a pain in the ass.

    • ZG
    • June 15th, 2012

    Congrats congrats! Wah dip plus in jap!! So zai!

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