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Cosfest 2012!

Finally back to blogging after soooooo long! Finally decided to move my lazy ass heh.

Anyway, this is just gonna be a short update!

I cosplayed Monster Hunter <Yukumo Set> with my girlfriend during Day 2 of Cosfest!  It was totally a rushed job cause I only managed to finished all the accessories for the cosplay like at 5am of Day 2. lolol |D

We had so much fun walking around the event venue, meeting and saying hi to our friends! XD


Oh and I’m getting enlisted in September so I guess this is probably my last cosplay before I go into Army.  D:

Well, there is the STGCC held on the 1st and 2nd September but it’s like 2 days before my enlistment date so I’m not sure whether I wanna cos for STGCC or not…


Oh well, sucks to be me.  :/


Random Ramblings #2


I have been working on my next Cosplay project lately. I’m gonna be cosing a character from The World Ends With You, すばらしきこのせかい. It’s a game from the Nintendo DS.

The character looks like this

And yes yes, I’m cosing another main character what you want lar? DDD<

Here’s my current progress. It’s really not much. I need to go get myself some thick foam and spray paint before I can get more work done.

Used my broken headphones as the base for Neku’s headphones. Spent a little more time and made the round drums of the headphones too.

I taped and hot glued the parts that were movable.

Could have gotten more work done if I weren’t such a lazy ass. I’m probably one of the laziest person you know. Hahaha |D


Oh and I’m really excited about the Japan trip! The date of our flight is getting nearer and nearer! XD

I’m going in a group (9 pax) and will will be stay in Japan for 9 days! (23rd March ~ 31st March)

Plane tickets are already booked. We’re in the midst of confirming and booking of our accommodation in Japan. Next, we will be finalizing our itinerary and I will go apply for my Visa. I’m Singapore PR FYI and PRs have to apply for Visa to enter Japan. Those lucky Singaporean Citizen bastards! D<

IT Fair is this weekend too! I hope I can find a cheap decent digital camera during IT Fair so I can snap some nice pictures in Japan. I always wanted to get a new digital camera (my old one died/lost in oblivion) partly because I want to snag some WIP pics of my cosplay costumes/props and also because I might need to camwhore /ahem.

Anyone got any suggestions? My budget is $400! I just wanna get a good digital camera that has a good battery life and HD recording! XD

Fufufu~ Lemme burn your eyes! 8D

So I recently gave a shot at doing zarboh (Girl) makeup. I posted the pictures only on twitter and I was contemplating whether I should upload onto FB or not. I was kinda afraid retards judging me and whatnot. Mehhh lol

Hmmm maybe I really shouldn’t post it on fb. Hahaha

Well you know what? I’m gonna post it on my blog instead cause this blog is mine and I get to do whatever I want with it! HURHURHUR |D and also because it’s not as public as my FB cause not many people know my this blog LOL |D

So feast your eyes on these pictures and burrrrnnnnn MUAHAHAHAHA

Picture 1.

Picture 2. This is me attempting to do a cute pose. Lol



And yes, I know the fake eyelash on my right eye wasn’t really placed well. Makes me look like I have one eye big and one eye small. D: /sigh

I’m still not good at this whole makeup thing but I’m trying my best to learn so look forward to more eye burning pictures!! LOL XD