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My Birthday

Last week, My friends threw me a surprise party for my birthday. It was organised by my girlfriend! SO SNEAKY! SHE WAS PLANNING IT A MONTH WITH MY FRIENDS WHILE KEEPING ME FROM KNOWING IT. NOT BAD. HAHAHAHA

We had a simple BBQ party at her Condo and of course, they all ganged up against me and threw me into the pool. D<

My Darling gave me 2 shirts for my birthday; one white one piece shirt and one black spiderman shirt. She gave me the white shirt first and told me that was my birthday gift from her! I believed her! She gave me the black shirt after I got thrown into the pool. SO EVIL. SHE HAD IT ALL PLANNED OUT! D<

She was pondering whether or not to get me a one piece shirt for fear of buying the same design I already had! Hahaha! Oh and both shirts are a size bigger than what I usually wear. Oh well, HAHAHA! XD


These were from Mirei and Jim! The cookies were really nice! XD


Eyeliner from Wenxiao! I swear it’s like she gives me makeup every year. LOL



Manga and Fan from Kim and Kenneth! I’m only halfway through the book. >_< I really like the fan!


Kazuo gave me a Bokken! I can’t take a picture of it cause it’s still at my darling’s place. Hahaha >_<


Oh and my colleagues from my previous internship company send me a gift via mail too!


They got me a hat for me to prepare for NS! How thoughtful! Hahaha!


Anyway, I’m really happy and thankful for the gifts and the party that my friends have given me for my birthday! I was really really surprised! THANKS YOU ALL! HAHAHA XD ❤





Cosfest 2012!

Finally back to blogging after soooooo long! Finally decided to move my lazy ass heh.

Anyway, this is just gonna be a short update!

I cosplayed Monster Hunter <Yukumo Set> with my girlfriend during Day 2 of Cosfest!  It was totally a rushed job cause I only managed to finished all the accessories for the cosplay like at 5am of Day 2. lolol |D

We had so much fun walking around the event venue, meeting and saying hi to our friends! XD


Oh and I’m getting enlisted in September so I guess this is probably my last cosplay before I go into Army.  D:

Well, there is the STGCC held on the 1st and 2nd September but it’s like 2 days before my enlistment date so I’m not sure whether I wanna cos for STGCC or not…


Oh well, sucks to be me.  :/


Sorry for the lack of updates! I was too busy playing Diablo 3. |D

Updates to my life! First up, I finally Graduated from the Polytechnic! XD  After 3 long years of studying in the Polytechnic, I finally graduated! Well all good things just come to an end. Hahaha XD The graduation day was really a memorable day for me! It was awesome to see all my friends in their graduation robes and graduating together was truly a sight to remember!

Pictures taken with my friends and family! XD


Recently, I also went out for dinner with my Japan trip pals! The dinner was a celebration slash farewell. Celebrating one of our friend’s birthday as well as a farewell dinner for my other friend as he is going for army that following week. We ate a Yayoiken @Bugis+! We decided to eat at Yayoiken as wel ate that for dinner on our first day in Japan! The food was actually not bad! It tasted similar to the one we ate in Japan! XD

The food.

The sad boy.

The birthday girl and her derpy face.



I think I will be posting a mini review and personal thoughts of Diablo 3 soon. Hopefully sometime this week.
Quick update on my status in Diablo 3, I have made a character on all 5 classes. My main is a Demon Hunter, currently at level 55, slowly and painfully surviving in Hell difficulty. I also have a level 39 Wizard, a level 26 Barbarian, a level 10 Monk, and last but not least a level 6 Witch Doctor.

Oh and kiting is a pain in the ass.

Diablo 3!


Guess what’s inside this bag? :O

Tadaaaaa! It’s Diablo 3!! XDD

I finally got my hands on a copy of Diablo 3!! I think I really shouldn’t use the word “finally” cause it has only been like only a mere 2 days since the launch at Funan. Well whatever. /claws at it
I bought this from Challenger at Clementi Mall. It was the last copy there by the way. Lucky me! \o/


Alright, enough of the boring crap, let’s move on to the unboxing shall we? XD

Inside the box, we have the installing disc, a quick start guide, 4 guest passes, and a notepad?!? ._.

If you’re wondering why my camera lens cap is in the picture, it’s there to hide my CD-Key duh. Why would I show my CD-Key on the net? Silly mortals. 😛

The installation disc! ASDFGHJKL /CLAWS AT IT

The quick start guide!

4 Guest passes! 1 WoW (World of Warcraft) and 3 Diablo 3 passes! The WoW pass allows you to play WoW for free up to level 20, while the Diablo 3 passes allows you to play for free up to the Skeleton King Boss in Act 1!
Mmmmm, I shall put these passes aside first before deciding on what to do with them.


And the notepad! I guess this is for us to pen down stuff from the game…? #okcan ._.


Alright, that’s all folks. It’s soon time to play my new game! I’m installing the game now as I type this blogpost. XD

The gallery is just below if you wanna see the other snapshots I took.

Off topic, I will be playing Diablo 3 on my trusty old laptop with just a simple wireless keyboard and mouse. No fanciful hardwares here.

Oh and, goodbye my social life. ❤

UPDATE: GDI. They are having a server maintenance from 8pm to 10pm so I can’t play it now. DDD:



Last Saturday, I went for The Real Escape Game at Scape with my friends! If you do not know what The Real Escape Game is, its basically a game where you are locked in a room of sorts and you must solve puzzles and find the key to escape the room before certain impending doom that causes death befall onto you! For for information, you can visit the official website here

The game we played was the second edition in Singapore, Escape From The Werewolf Village!

My friends and I formed a team of six and we challenged the puzzles! The puzzles were really tough and time was definitely a crucial factor since we were only given a short 1 hour time to solve all the puzzles and escape! The 6 of us were mostly panicking through the game and swearing vulgarities. Ohkay, maybe it was just me but still. |D

Sadly, we didn’t manage to escape and got eaten up by werewolves (>_<) but we really enjoyed ourselves! At the end of the game, the third edition was announced! The Crazy Last Will of Dr.Mad! We’re definitely gonna go play the next game and this time round, we will beat the puzzles and escape! XD


My Knight that I’m playing in MapleSEA has finally reach level 120! It’s my first Adventurer to reach level 120 by the way!

Hurray for Paladin-hood!! XDD Many thanks to my good friend Tommy for helping me with the Advancement. XD ❤


The next big patch has finally reached the shores of our tiny island too!

MapleSEA is finally having the Legend Patch! I’m really excited!! A total of 3 Legend characters will be introduced!

Cannon Shooter – The giant cannon wielding pirate!
Mercedes –  Elf Queen. Dual Bowgun Archer heroine!!
Demon Slayer – The newest addition to the Resistance! Badass looking demon!!

Most of the information I got are directly obtained from the KMS’s Blogs that I follow!
Please do check them out!

Spadow – (No longer active D:)
Orange Mushroom –
Spellyness –  (No longer active D:)


UPDATE: My level 28 Cannon Shooter I made just about a few hours ago right after the patch. 


Diablo 3 is also gonna released on 15th May! I have yet to pre-order the game cause I was too poor then but I’m definitely getting the game once it comes out! XD

The month of May really marks the end of my social life doesn’t it? Hahaha XD

What I’m up to lately!

I recently left the Company which I was working for. I have been working there for like around 8 months already..? Started as an Intern and after 6 months of Internship, officially joined the Company as a Temp Staff. The Company is Maersk Singapore by the way.

It isn’t a bad Company, the working environment is pretty good. The bosses are nice to the colleagues, my colleagues are nice to me too! My colleagues are always eager to help me out and answer my questions! Really friendly bunch of people! XD

I was on a 2 months contract, 30th April was my last day of work. My colleagues did ask me whether I could stay on to help but I turned down the offer. Reason being? It was too stressful, well at least for me to handle. Day in day out need to clear invoices and do bank clearing (I’m in the field of Accountancy by the way). Lot’s of responsibility and I feel that I’m not up to the job. Half the time when people ask me stuff I will be nodding my head and pretending I understand what the person is asking for or questioning when at the back of my head I’m like “FUCK. I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT THIS PERSON IS TALKING ABOUT. WHICH INVOICE? WHICH DOCUMENT NO? WHICH TRANSACTION? WHICH G/L? WHICH LINE? FUCKKKKKKKKK.” I may look stress free on the outside but actually I’m pretty stressed out on the inside. I just appear to be unaffected and immune. XD


Anywaysssss, since I’m like jobless and stuff, I decided to go full tort and be a NEET all the waaaayyyy! LOL!

Currently, I’m playing Dota 2 and MapleSEA now. I haven’t played Dota in about 4 years so my skills are abit rusty. Heck, I think they have become non-existent or something. Trying hard to get back the feel though. >_<


I’m back playing Maple again while waiting for the Legend patch to come out. More specifically, Mercedes. No it’s not a car. Lol.
For all you non Maple geeks out there, Mercedes is a new Class that’s coming out in late May. Dual crossbow wielding Elvens FTW! XD


I’m playing in the Delphinus/Eridanus/Izar world in MapleSEA. Yes, the infamous D-I-E trinity world.
Currently playing 3 characters at the moment,

My main, lvl 138 Mechanic. I plan to switch my main over to Mercedes when it comes out. I’m such a damage whore. |D


My lvl 105 Knight. I plan to get this character to 120 by the time Mercedes comes out.


My GF’s lvl 62 Dual Blader. Playing it for fun. I was the one who did all the lvling from lvl 1. She has yet to play this character yet though. Lololol


I’m switching in-between these 3 characters. And yes, they are all in the “DogsUnite” guild. Sexy name isn’t it? LOL |D
Oh, do drop by and say hi if you do see me in game! XD

2nd Year Anniversary~!!

Damn, has it really been 2 years already? Time sure flies!
Yep, 16th April. This faithful day was the day which my girlfriend and I got together!

Well, we plan to celebrate our anniversary by going to the Universal Studios Singapore but since it was a weekday (I had work and she had school), we decided that a simple date will do. Though we’re still are going USS 2 weeks later! XD

We went to watch “The Vow” at Plaza Singapura.

We bought the tickets before hand and collect it immediately upon reaching. We went to play Jubeat at the arcade first since we thought we had some time to kill. Well that was a bad idea (LOL) cause we ended up late for the movie but thank god for commercials though hahaha. |D

The movie was pretty good, though it could have been better and more impactful in my opinion. The ending was alright I guess? It wasn’t a bad ending, nor was it a happy ending. It’s like playing those novel games where there are various endings depending on the actions you take. In this case, the movie didn’t have a happy or bad ending, it’s just a good ending.

Well the movie did got me thinking on what would happen if one day either my girlfriend or I lost our memories. Would we still be together or would we go separate? Blehhh. This is probably a bad movie to be watching on your anniversary. Hahaha

After the movie, we went to Gindako @ Orchard Ion for dinner! Yea you’re probably thinking, “What? Takoyaki for dinner?!?” Yea really. Takoyaki for dinner. And Yakisoba too. Gindako was the place that my girlfriend and I got together 😀

Kinda corny yes I know |D


After dinner, I ended the day by sending my girlfriend home! XD

This is her outfit for the date! XD ❤


Happy 2nd Year Anniversary my Dear! I love you!! ❤ ❤ ❤