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My Birthday

Last week, My friends threw me a surprise party for my birthday. It was organised by my girlfriend! SO SNEAKY! SHE WAS PLANNING IT A MONTH WITH MY FRIENDS WHILE KEEPING ME FROM KNOWING IT. NOT BAD. HAHAHAHA

We had a simple BBQ party at her Condo and of course, they all ganged up against me and threw me into the pool. D<

My Darling gave me 2 shirts for my birthday; one white one piece shirt and one black spiderman shirt. She gave me the white shirt first and told me that was my birthday gift from her! I believed her! She gave me the black shirt after I got thrown into the pool. SO EVIL. SHE HAD IT ALL PLANNED OUT! D<

She was pondering whether or not to get me a one piece shirt for fear of buying the same design I already had! Hahaha! Oh and both shirts are a size bigger than what I usually wear. Oh well, HAHAHA! XD


These were from Mirei and Jim! The cookies were really nice! XD


Eyeliner from Wenxiao! I swear it’s like she gives me makeup every year. LOL



Manga and Fan from Kim and Kenneth! I’m only halfway through the book. >_< I really like the fan!


Kazuo gave me a Bokken! I can’t take a picture of it cause it’s still at my darling’s place. Hahaha >_<


Oh and my colleagues from my previous internship company send me a gift via mail too!


They got me a hat for me to prepare for NS! How thoughtful! Hahaha!


Anyway, I’m really happy and thankful for the gifts and the party that my friends have given me for my birthday! I was really really surprised! THANKS YOU ALL! HAHAHA XD ❤